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Legalized Pot Is not Just in America

1Legalized medical marijuana not just happens in America but it is also happening to Canada. The government of the said country is set to announce the legislation of pot legalization in 2017. There is an estimated five billion dollar a year profit from its upcoming sale.

Although medical marijuana is becoming legal, this doesn’t mean that it is better for any Canadian citizen. The ways pot to be sold would be monitored strictly. Whether you buy medical marijuana online legally or purchase from a local dispensary, great responsibility is imperatively sought.

The legislation that will be introduced in spring 2017 ensures marijuana out of the hands of children. Health Minister of the said place also assures that criminals would no longer profit from marijuana. The Minister adds that controlling medical marijuana is their best way of protecting their youth while public safety enhancement is not compromised.

Canada saw legalizing medical marijuana as a solution in controlling the substance thus snatches revenue away from criminal groups. It is also believed that through it, criminal records would be lessen because enforcing pot prohibitions would be stopped. There are just members of some associations of Public Health who are quite worried that if marijuana becomes profitably legal, the use of it would be as common as alcohol or cigarette. They just hope that the health and well-being of Canadians will not suffer especially if the interest of corporate world will be emphasized. They expect a balance approach on the increasing sales of businessmen and managing risk and reducing consumption for the public health interest.

Pot’s dark side is not set aside despite medical marijuana legalization. Health Canada department still educate the public about the product’s short and long term effects to the body. Immediate effects include heart rate increase, headaches, blood pressure decrease, heart attack and stroke. Long-term results are chronic coughs, lung infections and some psychotic and mental illnesses.

The government will implement the legalization religiously to avoid harm on unborn babies. It was proven that women who breastfeed their babies, at the same time, marijuana users are found to have toxins in their breast milk. These toxins are not good to babies because they can affect their weight and vision development.

With this upcoming pot legalization, many evidences on both health benefits and risks including law enforcement issues are given high consideration. On the other side, if you are from Canada who is medically in need of a pot, there’s no harm for you to prepare about it. Owning a card for easy access would be nice. You can do a search online to¬†find out how to qualify for a card.